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If you have clicked on the link and came to this page, you should have heard something about the latest "in thing" the Squid game on Netflix.

The show has gathered much (i mean ALOT) attention and it is the number 1 show in 90 over countries!

Today, I am using it to draw some analogy between Squid game and Trading! 


Scroll down to find out more!

2021-10-23 18_40_37-Window.png

He is always in the know, but never gonna tell your what is happening. If you are able to catch his 'hints' you can ride the trend with him!
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2021-10-23 18_58_32-Window.png

The 'Foreigner' who just joined Forex Trading

This person, just got into forex, still in the exploratory phase.

2021-10-23 18_58_54-Window.png

The 'Happy go Lucky' 

It appears like no matter how, this person will get through his trade with profits. Or so it seems to be...

2021-10-23 18_59_17-Window.png

The 'Calm and Systematic' 

Trade professional and without much emotions. Plan the trade, trade the plan.
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2021-10-23 18_59_41-Window.png

The 'Dare Devil' Explorer

Try every single setup and never fix at one, a very beginner's mindset.

2021-10-23 18_58_14-Window.png

The 'Do First Think Later' Warrior

Irrational and uses brute force, win big lose big type of trader.

2021-10-23 18_58_42-Window.png

The 'Composed and Quiet' Fisherman

Seems like nothing bothers her, don't really give a damn to trading. Take a laid-back approach.

2021-10-23 18_59_07-Window.png

The 'Emotional and Erratic'

Big mood swing up and down with the trade. Often times get into revenge and emo trades.

2021-10-23 18_59_31-Window.png

The 'Analyst and Strategist'

Plans a lot and learnt all the technical analysis. Over analyzed and often misses good setups.

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Which of these character resembles you when you trade?

Disclaimer: This article is just for entertainment purposes. :)

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