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 The "Gold Mine" - Our Services 

General Charting and Knowledge Sharing


Weekly review, chart basics, anything about trading and self improvements

[ #Financial Chart Analysis / #Technical Analysis / #Trading Psychology / #Money Management ]


Our Trading Course - Trading with the Big boys



Interested in trading but don't know where to start?

Relatively new to the trading arena, but getting a few knocks around?

Been trading for sometime but still not seeing the result you want?

You are at the RIGHT place. Click HERE to find out more!

[ #Trading Course / #Japanese Candlesticks / #Trading Plan / #Proprietary Trading Systems ]


Private Mentoring


Want to understand what type of trader are you?

How you can leverage on your strength and work on your weaknesses to make yourself a BETTER trader?

Want to get a full Profiling of yourself as a Trader?

[ #1-1 Mentoring / #Ace Trader / #Traders Profiling / #Understanding Yourself ]


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