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Before Deciding on one, Here's a Checklist for you!

  1. Tight Spreads and Good Fills of Trades

  2. Regulations

  3. Ease of funding and withdrawal

  4. Avaliabity of User-friendly platforms

  5. Customer service

*Scroll till the end for the most important* point!

Tight Spreads and Good Fills of Trades


In my opinion, this should be a give as this will give you an edge to lower down your trading business "expenses".

If you are into trading forex Minors or even exotics, you should also make sure that their spread on the broker is reasonably good.


The broker should be regulated and scrutinized for its actions especially so when it relates to your MONEY. The broker should protect their client's funds held in segregated client trust accounts.

Ease of funding and withdrawal


This is a MUST have in order for the broker to be 'labelled' as a Good Broker. Simply because how you will feel Not being able to withdraw your winnings from your account? :(

Avaliabity of User-friendly platforms


A broker with the abundance of trading platforms for clients to choose from is important. As the saying goes, 'there is no one size fits all solution'. Being able to choose from a array of trading platform is one of the crucial criteria for a good broker.

Customer Service


Technically, you are their client. You 'pay' for their services. You don't feel welcome or good if their customer service is horrible. What makes it worst if your messages were replied by AI on a weekends?

Ending note

Personally, over the years of trading I have used and left a couple of brokers.


Some gave really bad experiences such as widening of spread enormously during news release OR difficulty in withdrawing your funds!


I shall not name them here, but the purpose of this writing is to offer you a solution to a Good broker.Do check out both IC markets and Pepperstone below.

How you define a Good Broker?

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