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Key Features of Journal

- First of all, its cost. Its a fraction of those trading journal software/app you saw online that costs few hundreds dollar. This is only 10 SGD!

- Second, ease of use and save time. What you need to do is just to copy and paste your MT4 / MT5 data from report to the google spreadsheet

- Thirdly, Has the key parameters you need. Suitable for beginning or intermediate traders.

- Bonus! I have added Trading Plan and Trading Strategies tab in the Spreadsheet where I detailed questionnaire that you need to address to and by having that in place you will see your trading results improved dramatically!

Purchasing is easy, you just need to click on the "Buy now" button below and subsequently a download link will be provided for you!

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Reviews from buyers

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Product was great and it has features just enough for beginning traders to understand and use!
Recommends it!

Jacky L.

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For the price point to pay, the quality of the ejournal exceeds the price tremendously. The copy and pasting were easy and hassle free. Now i can seriously get on my Journal writing for my Trades! Thanks!

Anson W.

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