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Forex Technical Analysis Week 5 (Week of 31 Jan 2022)

Hello and Welcome!

Landmines everywhere coming your way this week!


Saw the news release next week?

Key news releases:

  1. AUD rate

  2. GBP rate

  3. EUR rate

  4. CAD's GDP and employment data

  5. US NFP

USD Index - If you have followed my post, you would have seen that I spoke about potential USD up move since few weeks ago (mentioned here too). So, the break up occurred and likely to have some pullback before resuming its upwards movement.

GBPUSD - The downwards movement mentioned last week, happened. Congrats to those who shorted! This week, downward pressure will resume if 1.3350 give way if not might see some bounce up.

Over here are just some of the sharings I have on Tradingview, if you would like to look at some of my other analysis do check out HERE !

If you would like to learn some tips and trick on Forex Trading Strategies feel free to go here to read more!

But, if this is still not enough for you and you would want to learn more, do feel free to find out more here!

Hope you enjoy and like the analysis and if you do, please like and share!

Thank you!

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