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Forex Technical Analysis Week 3 (Week of 17 Jan 2022)

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for taking your time off and take a look at what I am about to share for the upcoming week in the Forex Market!

Some of the key news are as follow:

  1. Do take note that for Monday, US market is closed.

  2. Tuesday, we will have the rate policy for JPY, this could move the USDJPY and JPY crosses, please take note!

  3. Wednesday, CPI numbers will be out for GBP and CAD.

  4. Lastly, on Thursday we will be getting some employment data for Aussie.

USD Index - After my Thursday's view on USD, price seems to find some support at around 94.7 for now. Long term trend still intact.

USDCAD - USDCAD seems to be at a confluence zone to go on long for the reversal too.

AUDJPY - Would be betting on AUDJPY for a short on pullbacks.

If you would like to learn some tips and trick on Forex Trading Strategies feel free to go here to read more!

But, if this is not enough for you and you would want to learn more, do feel free to find out more here!

Hope you enjoy and like the analysis and if you do, please like and share!

Thank you!

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