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Forex Technical Analysis Week 2 (Week of 10 Jan 2022)

Hello and Welcome!

First off, giving a quick snippet of what is up for this coming week!*Note date and time are adjusted to Singapore Time.*

Some key releases to take note are the CPI, PPI and retail sales coming out from the USD. Other than not much happenings from the rest.

USD Index - Pretty stuck in a range from 95.60 to 96.60.Direction should be clearer after that.

EURUSD - Similarly on EURUSD waiting for clear direction, just the same as with USD.

AUDCAD - Bias to short this pair. Overall AUD is weak among the other majors. You may also want to take a look at AUDJPY too!

If you would like to learn some tips and trick on Forex Trading Strategies feel free to go here to read more!

But, if this is not enough for you and you would want to learn more, do feel free to find out more here!

Hope you enjoy and like the analysis and if you do, please like and share!

Thank you!

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