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Forex Technical Analysis Week 1 (Week of 3 Jan 2022)

Hello and Welcome!

Happy 2022 to all my readers/followers!

2021 has been a good year for me and my family and hope to extend this to the many years to come.

Hope that has been the same for you all as well!

If not, don't worry, new year new hope! Here we come 2022!

First off, giving a quick snippet of what is up for this coming week!*Note date and time are adjusted to Singapore Time.*

Not much in particular but just take note of the FOMC on Thursday and Friday's NFP news. If not it is rather a quiet week.

USD Index - Beginning to tip over to the downside and have deeper correction both on the daily and h4.

GBPUSD - Remains pretty bullish on daily to h4 timeframe, look at it to at least retest 1.36 before facing some headwinds.

NZDCAD - Could have more downside and pullbacks in the H1 likely to make short bets.

If you would like to learn some tips and trick on Forex Trading Strategies feel free to go here to read more!

But, if this is not enough for you and you would want to learn more, do feel free to find out more here!

Hope you enjoy and like the analysis and if you do, please like and share!

Thank you!

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